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One of the most important thing pet owners need to do - and need to assure their prospective landlords that they will do - is accept responsibility for all of their pets' behaviors... Whether it is barking, jumping, or other annoyances, it is the pet-owner who is responsible, and needs to correct the situation with training, extra dog-walks, taking them to day-care, or other measures which help acclimate the pets to their new surroundings.

Armanda has two dogs herself, both rescue Australian Cattle Dogs, as well as two cats and is very empathetic to the needs of people to remain united with the pets who are as much a part of their family as any other member, while they all seek temporary housing together.



Armanda's Dogs

Titan the Wayfarer, a Blue Australian Cattle Dog, and Argos, a Red Australian Cattle Dog, live with Armanda in her Greenwich Village apartment. Titan was found several years ago by Australian Cattle Dog Rescue wandering around the streets of Raleigh, South Carolina, trying to find something to eat. Argos was bought in a puppy store by people inexperienced in cattle-dogs. The owners did not take responsibility for him, and turned him in to the pound.

Both Titan and Argos have come a long way from their difficult beginnings, and have become well-adjusted members of society. Now they live in a co-op in the Village, they go to day-care once or twice a week, and sometimes, one or both will accompany Armanda on apartment showings.