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Purchasing a home is always a substantial proposition. In Manhattan, the process has many nuances – in addition to simple pitfalls and serious problems. It is a disadvantage to a buyer to go through this process without an experienced and intelligent guide.

Following are some reasons that Armanda is your best asset.


  • 15 years experience and a highly successful track record
  • Extensive market knowledge
  • Excellent and diplomatic relations with other brokers
  • Tough negotiation skills to ensure you have the best representation
  • Thorough and complete knowledge of the process to get you to your new front door
  • Sense of humor
  • Resources of Prudential Douglas Elliman, #1 real estate brokerage firm in New York

Following are some of the issues and concerns buyers have these days, and what Armanda does to help you alleviate and remove both perceived problems and real obstacles.


There is so much information – much of it contradictory – that sometimes the only option is to guess at what is the best decision.


Today, there is a great national discomfort around money and big decisions – on an individual basis, there’s a great concern with an expenditure as big as a home purchase. What will happen? Will prices come down (or go up)? Will interest rates continue to drop (or go up with inevitable inflation)? Should we work with more than one agent to cover all our bases? How can we avoid being pressured by brokers and owners? Should I wait? Should I go for it? What if I make a mistake?


Do you use more than one hairdresser? More than one financial planner? More than one internist? If you trust your hair to one professional – and develop and have a long-term relationship with that expert – isn’t it even more critical to do the same with what is one of the biggest investments of your life?

With Armanda, we work on FORECASTING and PLANNING and remove the guesswork. We discuss all options: prices going down AND up; interest rates going down AND up. We come up with strategies that evaluate worst- and best-case scenarios, and then choose an action with which you are comfortable and that accommodates your needs, wishes…and risk tolerance. Armanda is both your devil’s advocate, in making sure you see all sides of an issue, and your fierce advocate in getting you home. Armanda’s “Buying Made Painless” model will help make your real estate transaction better than even your very best haircut.